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Adam Farson

Hi Ya'akov,

Given that the IC-7000 will be the same size as the IC-706MkIIG (except 20mm
shorter), it will not have an internal ATU. The AT-180 and AH-4 will still
be compatible with it. Icom has always maintained an excellent level of
accessory compatibility across its HF product line.

If you wish to erect random wire antennas, you will need the AH4 (or an
SGC-23X series coupler). The AT-180 was expressly designed to match loads
within a 3:1 VSWR excursion to 50 ohms resistive.

The thread relating to wives etc. has just been closed.

Best 73,
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Every peice of HAM gear I buy cost me double because the XYL wants
equal amounts

Send your liberated wife out to work, and tell her you want 50% of her
salary. I don't have that problem because I am single (never married)

As far as the IC7000 goes, I am ordering an additional IC-706mkiiG while I
can still get one. Icom has apparently pushed through a sizeable price rise
for the IC-706mkiiG, their motives aren't exactly clear. I think that
owning two IC-706mkiiGs will do me fine for the forseeable future, even if I
do go to live in Israel, as I have dreamed.

Does anyone know if the AT-180 fully automatic antenna tuner will be the
companion to the IC7000, or does the IC7000 have an on-board antenna tuner?
Maybe Icom will come up with something cheaper as the matching antenna tuner
to the IC7000. I am paying CDN$699 for my second AT-180 The AT-180 is a
very good fully automatic antenna tuner, it just sits quietly beside my
IC-706mkiiG and guarantees me a
1:1 SWR wherever I go. The un-nice thing about the AT-180 is its price.
Also, it does not tune random wires, the tuning range is not that great.
It's fine for coax.

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