Re: [IC-7000] Mobile Ops

D C *Mac* Macdonald

The IC-7000 is notoriously intolerant of low input voltage.
You may need to investigate (and buy) one of the battery
boosters which will provide 13.5-13.8 VDC even when the
battery voltage drops down to 12.0 or even a bit lower.

QST had a comparison review of three boosters last year.

Mac, K2GKK/5
Oklaoma City

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From: henryf@...
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 21:52:30 -0400
Subject: [IC-7000] Mobile Ops

I am a longtime member of the group but very rarely post.

My IC-7000 is mounted in my 2007 Honda Element. The stock electrical
system on the Element is quite modest (a dispassionate observer might
characterize it as worthless). The engine compartment is the quite
crowded and the OEM size 51R battery only supplies 450 CCA. Receive
is fine but the rig would continually reboot when transmitting SSB if
the engine was not reving faster than appx 2000rpm.

I upgraded the battery to a 640CCA unit from Costco. If the engine
is running and the alternator is charging the battery, I can usually
transmit at full power. I still can't xmit at full power with the
rig powered solely from the battery. Again, receive is fine.

A search of the forums on the Element owners club website reveals
widespread disatisfaction with the native Honda electrical system.

So how are other mobile ops dealing with this? Am I alone? Any
other Element owners on the list?


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