Re: May or June?

Ya`akov N. Miles <ve7alq@...>

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Every peice of HAM gear I buy cost me double because the XYL wants
equal amounts

Send your liberated wife out to work, and tell her you want 50% of her
salary. I don't have that problem because I am single (never married)

As far as the IC7000 goes, I am ordering an additional IC-706mkiiG
while I can still get one. Icom has apparently pushed through a
sizeable price rise for the IC-706mkiiG, their motives aren't exactly
clear. I think that owning two IC-706mkiiGs will do me fine for the
forseeable future, even if I do go to live in Israel, as I have dreamed.

Does anyone know if the AT-180 fully automatic antenna tuner will be
the companion to the IC7000, or does the IC7000 have an on-board
antenna tuner? Maybe Icom will come up with something cheaper as the
matching antenna tuner to the IC7000. I am paying CDN$699 for my
second AT-180 The AT-180 is a very good fully automatic antenna
tuner, it just sits quietly beside my IC-706mkiiG and guarantees me a
1:1 SWR wherever I go. The un-nice thing about the AT-180 is its
price. Also, it does not tune random wires, the tuning range is not
that great. It's fine for coax.

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