Re: [IC-7000] What are IC-7000 Mobile Operators Using for Antenna?

Bob Sayers <bobsayers2000@...>

Sorry, I forgot to mention that for VHF and UHF I'm using a Diamond 6/2/70 mobile whip mounted on the other side of the rear of my Jeep, using a standard mobile antenna cable with SO.239-type base fitting. After searching around, I found a very strong moulded plastic junction box (from B&Q, for UK readers) approximately 4" x 4" x 3". This is bolted with it's "base" against the rear of the Jeep, with the antenna base fitted to one of the cable knock-out positions (which unfortunately are slightly too large for the SO.239 type base).
Bob, G8IYK

--- On Thu, 18/3/10, Bob Sayers <> wrote:

I'm using an SGC 303 helical whip, with an SGC 237 matcher

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