Re: [IC-7000] What are IC-7000 Mobile Operators Using for Antenna?

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I'm using an SGC 303 helical whip, with an SGC 237 matcher, which seems to work very well. The 303 isn't a cheap solution (especially here in the UK), but I was lucky enough to pick one up with the original Quick Mount System, brand new in a sale. I've removed the heavy-duty base from the original QMS alloy "box", and it's mounted on the flat rear panel of my Jeep Wrangler (which is surprisingly difficult to find a position where it's possible to get to the rear of the panel to attach all three nuts). The Wrangler has a removable hardtop, and this does bring the lower part of the whip quite close to it, but the hardtop is of polyester material and doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect.
Why only three nuts, for four mounting holes? I use all stainless hardware (domed-head Allen-headed bolts looked nicest, and I've drilled out the holes in the base to the next metric bolt size above), and one bolt has been fitted "from the inside outwards", so that in addition to the nut, a stainless wing nut can also be fitted, which secures a set of wire counterpoises for static operation. Eight wire radials all terminate at a heavy-duty auto wiring connector, which can be quickly fitted over the bolt.
The auto-matcher is mounted inside the hardtop, above, but very close to where the base is fitted. This does mean that the feeder cable has to pass through the Jeep bodywork (I used an industrial cable gland) which probably isn't ideal, but does mean a very short feeder run from matcher to antenna base, which SGC always stress is critical.
Bob, G8IYK

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Subject: [IC-7000] What are IC-7000 Mobile Operators Using for Antenna?
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I am wondering what mobile antenna you are using with your IC7K? and what is your set up?

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