Re: [IC-7000] using the ps-125 with icom 7000, where in the EU you can find the connectors?

Steve Sawicki

The "cross" adapters (one side plugs into the PS-125 and the other into the 7K) are availabel from a number of State Side dealers. I picked the up at the Orlando Hamfeast and a number of the "connecto" sellers had them about $7.00.

On my home station I have a 756pro that uses the PS-125, I picked up a Icom "extension cabel" with the normal format and i spliced in a 7K connector to power it up this way everything is still factory 'stock".

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Thanks for the answer, Augusto. I found the connectors on their website. Only thing is that i need a female 6p connector instead of the male one because i would like to leave the ps-125 original.

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Hi I found them ready, as I use two PS50 power supplies , for both
IC746, IC7000 and others; and they do very well.
They were sold by a german firm , see here :
I have and use them from some 2 years, snap-on and off many times, but
no problems.
Only thing, maybe it were a good thing to place a toroid inbetween .....
it helps in /P when you are very near to the antenna.
73 de Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

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