Re: High Sierra Antennas and the IC-7000.

Keith LaBorde - K4KAL <k4kal@...>

Keep in mind!, The 706MKIIG is a proven rig. I have never heard a bad one on the air.
In my case, I own 3 and have never had any problems with them over the past few years.
I started with the 706MKII and eventually sold on eBay and got all MKIIG's.
This new radio has been over due...
It looks like a "Baby PRO-III" from the picture.

This new transceiver will be an opportunity for you go purchase one of those at a reduced price from someone looking to upgrade.
Amateur Radio Clubs, Schools, etc. use them a lot for Field Day and Emergency Gear, so it may also be a good time to Donate them.
I purchased a new one at Dayton last year for $749.00 as a spare, field day radio.
I can remember when the 706MKII came out it was selling for $1395.00
I waited and got mine for $1195.00, then as time went on the IIG came out, and the price hung in the $995.00 range with rebates, etc.

I look forward to seeing the more detail specs on the radio. What is in the PDF file from the Magazine that is on the web just wasn't enough.
We need to keep an eye on the Icom Japan website for updates. They usually go first, and the US lags behind waiting for FCC Compliance.

Running HF Mobile is a lot of fun. Especially if you sit in traffic for long period of time, or drive long distances.
You quickly program the memories for the 40M Nets, and the DX Nets on 15M and 20M.
I have a Digital Voice Recorder that can hold 4 hours on the visor. So I just push the record button and start talking.
Then later, I go back and update the log and send out QSL Cards.

I frequently travel on extended trips, and carry a small generator with me and large power supply.
That way I can find a park or in some cities a high spot where there is a road going up to a water tower to work DX.

Keith, K4KAL

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I had been toying with the idea of the 706MkIIG for the truck. Only have a 2M/70cm rig in there now. Now I mna glad I waited. This sounds like the one I will want. I can't wait for more information to be available

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