Re: [IC-7000] trouble bringing up 2 m repeaters.

Terry Starks <ke7lpg@...>

Vern, do you have the tone set to FM-TONE or FM-TSQL? It should say FM-TONE.

If that is not it then I have no other idea.



On Feb 9, 2010, at 22:01 , harleyleenuke wrote:

I am having trouble with my 7000 on 2m. I have the correct tons and offset programmed. I can not bring up 2m repeaters. It seems as though the tone squelch has quit working on 2m. It works fine on 70 cm repeaters. i reset the entire radio. I hear it working on simplex by listening on a hand held. It receives just fine. It transmits on simplex fine. Power output is 5 to max. I think it was 80 or 100 watts.
I checked the 2m antenna swr also low and high power. My hand held keys ups the repeater on 1 watt. I have run out of troubleshooting ideas. Anyone else have this problem and and fix.

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