Re: New Owner!

Steve Sawicki

Have you checked your current draw at 25% power level?
When I built my "travel" go pack using a 18AH battery I found that the draw differential on my IC-7K between 25% and 50% power was minimal.
Switched to a new 25AH battery, same size and weight as the original 18AH, much better for "digital" operations.

--- In, Richard Parker <rwp42@...> wrote:

I appreciate the info on battery life... I was thinking that for purely portable operation, 18AH would be fine (caveated with the battery booster) -- I could likely receive for almost 10 hours and xmit an hour or so. That'd make for a fine day of operation on a local mountain. For more serious portable operation, a larger marine-grade 60AH battery or similar would certainly be a better option.

I run my IC-7000 at 25% power by default and only increase if I have trouble making the contact.


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