Re: [IC-7000] Both Antennas Required?

Milverton M. Swire

Richard OM, no issues whatsoever. I haven't used the VHF/UHF side of my 7000 as yet, neither is there an antenna connected to it yet. No problem whatsoever.
I do not have any issues with mine since installing it 6 months ago. No issue with heat either, and I use the radio daily for hours at a time..
73 de Milverton.

From: rwparker42 <>
Sent: Mon, January 11, 2010 1:00:02 PM
Subject: [IC-7000] Both Antennas Required?

I am considering the purchase of the IC-7000, and appreciate all the input that I have already benefited from in this group. I was curious if there were any issues with not having both antennas (HF and 2m/70cm) connected to the IC-7000 while in use? I have a 2m/70cm antenna at the moment, and am saving up for a Buddipole for HF use down the road. Until I get the HF system, I wouldn't have anything plugged into that connector. Obviously, I would not attempt transmitting on HF without an antenna connected. Other than that, are there any issues?



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