Re: [IC-7000] external video cable

Jack <K4WSB@...>

See page 18 of your manual
You may have to 'flip a switch' changing the input on the TV

At 11:08 PM 12/27/2009, you wrote:
I was gifted a 7" portable Viore TV for the ManShack. The external
video input appears to be a 3.5mm connection but the instructions
don't say. I went to the local RadioShack and could only find one
3.5mm mono audio cable and a stripped end. I picked up another mono
end and commenced to put my poor soldering skills to work. No
dice. The TV says no input. Could it be my poor skills? The audio
cable just cant handle video? Or is the TV input not really 3.5mm
mono? A reliable source of video cable might be a good option. I
did an internet search but was not convinced that I was on the right
track. I like the TV just fine but the display on the 7000 would be
cooler than the Sound of Music. Any ideas?

Jack Hartley
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