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I recall someone mentioning that the "official" connector could be had from digikey.

However -- I just used the molex connector from a computer supply. because of the key-factor of the correct one, I simply removed that side of the connecter.

I have used this for YEARS --- Originally on my 706, and now on my 7000 --- the pinout is the same.

Obviously, the correct one is a better option, but I used what I had with no issues both mobile and base.

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If you're near a Radio Shack store, they sell the male as Catalog #: 274-224 and the female as Catalog #: 274-234.....


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Does anyone know of a source for the connector on the back for the tuner control? I need both male and female.

I'd like to make a two-for so I can power my SignaLink SL-1+ soundcard interface as well as my tuner. This would allow me more power options for the interface during field conditions.


Jonathan, KI4MTB

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