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Steve Sawicki

What's all of the fuss about?
If you use a second same type mike remember the IC-7000 mike generates control data, two will loads down the data line.....

Simple LOW COST Solution…..

I found my OLD DTMF pad that I used in early control projects it is mounted in a nice desktop case and found a nice shielded cable (CAT6) attached a RJ-45 on one side spade terminals on the other side, found the power, PTT and audio pins and all is well in TT land now I have the pad activate the PTT when you press the button its cap coupled audio and everything works just fine total investment $1.75 no problems with repeaters or IRLP control.

All of this from a 27 year old Bell Labs 16 button TT pad, and it even has lights when you press the buttons, what a country....

For mobile I found a TT pad that I used on a old HT-220, yes crew a HT-220 that fit nicely attached to a small plastic project box, sane type of attachment as the home station the only difference is that I needed a different coupling cap and the pad is not lighted, this one was bit more since I needed a clip to attach the project box and the cost of a white LED to see it at night.
Let's use some of that ham ingenuity

AB2ET/4 Steve

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There are 2 reasons that I know of, maybe 3. One is that the power supply may not be able to handle 2 mics. Another is that both mics are active at the same time. The PTT only activates transmit, not the mic element. (As those of us doing digital modes with the 13 pin acc connector have found out!). The other maybe point is that both mic elements would be in parallel. Impedance problems??




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Subject: RE: [IC-7000] DTMF with Mic
Date: Monday, November 23, 2009, 1:47 PM


I wouldn't plug in two mics at once, it says on page 3 of the IC-7000 manual,

DO NOT connect 2 microphones simultaneously.

I haven't read any further yet as to why, but the uppercase, "DO NOT" got my attention.

Denny ... kd6cyl

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