Re: [IC-7000] DTMF with Mic

Alan M. Maslin

They probably would have had to add another button to the mic to switch the pad from band changing/frequency input to a DTMF pad. I just thought it might have been nice if they would have added the DTMF function as one that could be programmed into F-1 or F-2. So, if you didn't need DTMF for anything you just wouldn't program that function into the buttons.

Wow, sounds like a great party when you celebrated your 50th. I still keep in touch with my childhood ham friends and that's really neat. There was a small group of us who were licensed around the same time in 1955 and it's fun to keep in touch with them.

By the way, my son Steve, N3ORH lives in Valrico, FL not far from Tampa which is where I think you are. We get over to see him from time to time. Your call sure sounds familiar. Maybe we've worked on some band at some point over the years.


Al, N3EA

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