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Steve Sawicki

Strange I use my High Q screwdriver antenna with no problems.
I use my old but trusty HS-1500 screwdriver antenna frequently to listen to SW and operate from the home qth on ham bands, unfortunately the HS-1500 (has no automatic tune control capability)I have a HS-1800 for the mobile 7K which is automatic.

All you have to do listen is to switch the 7k to the band-frequency, or select the memory of the SW station and listen for the "noise" level increase/decrees as you operate the motor power switch up or down, no need to TX, the signal noise level will tell you when you are in the ball park even if you have "old" ears, cans help tremendously.
Actually the high Q will help with clearing out close by signals as well.

I have used the 300/72 Ohm TV balun with a some of the cheap, and I mean cheap (quality) brown 300 ohm (Frays Electronics) line to make up a QRP roil up antenna, mind you this was made from one of the older style balun that had a small coax run and a larger body that had a decent size toroid that actually works well up to about 6 watts the F connector switch was easy, so look around the junk piles and garage sales for the old "game" switches..


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Another thing you might wish to try for
SWLing would be to use a 300/75 and a single random wire antenna.
It SHOULD definitely give you better
signal strengths than a resonant=2C low-
impedance antenna to receive signals
that are far different from the resonant
You will have to make some gender changers
to hook up the typical "F" connectors on
the baluns to the SO-239 connector on the
It should go without saying that if you
key up into one of those little baluns=2C
you will certainly let all the smoke out!
73 - Mac=2C K2GKK/5
(Since 30 Nov 53)
Oklahoma City=2C OK


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Just a side comment to you message (that may have already been covered):
I wonder if one of the small MFJ antenna tuners would work. I use one for
out of band listening and it is a big help with a 75 foot random wire lengt=

Dick=2C K5SHT

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Consider your antenna system as potentially problematic for general SWL.=20
Most of us are using fairly high-Q antennas. Great for in-band gain=3B=20
terrible for out of band reception.

If my screwdriver antenna is any indication=2C it's extremely high-Q when=20
tuned to the approximate frequency of interest. Otherwise it may as well=20
be a dummy load. And of course=2C there's no way to tune it to an=20
arbitrary listening frequency when the frequency is outside of the ham=20
bands due to necessity of transmitting to do the tuning.

You might be better off with a random long-wire antenna than whatever=20
fancy high-Q system you're probably using. =

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