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Steve Sawicki

I know that the IC-7000 is an "amateur" grade radio and a design compromise as well in comparison to my "commercial" multi kilo buck R&S equipment, but at a bit over a kilo buck the 7K at a minimum must pass the FCC type acceptance and minimally meet the so called "hobby" published specifications, I hope.
I checked my Mobile IC-7000 and my Home station IC-7000 and I can confidently say that at RX my units draw 1.735A/13.842 Volts (Mobile supply) and 1.592A 13.342 Volts (PS-125).
ON TX and set to 0% POW the draw is 1.963 Amps 13.840 Volts (Mobile) and 1.739 13.40 Volts (PS-125)
Now at 1% the readings respectively are 3.935/13.842 Volts (Mobile) 6.2 W on the meter 3.735/13.39 Volts (PS-125) showing 5.1 watts.
This was done using (HP) "commercial" grade test equipment.
It is my understanding that the radios are produced on a automated assembly line using ISO standards and that the individual component tolerances are kept tight.

I know that the 7K is a power hog and is very very input voltage sensitive (another topic for discussion) and I am 100% positive it will never make it to the qrp hall of fame.
I think that drawing 5 Amps at 1% POW is a bit much in any design and that if your unit is actually drawing 5 Amps at 1% POW and the input voltage is in the 13.5 volt region You best get your radio checked at the "factory" as something must be wrong with it or your test instruments.

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My 7000 draws about just under 5 amps at 1% power. The 7000 is not a QRP rig like the 703. It is hard to do anything with the 7000 and not pull 5 amps or so. The readings on the meters at low power on the 7000 are approximate. It is an amp hog at low power. Remember, this (radio and test equipment) is all amateur equipment. If you want commercial or military quality stuff you can expect to pay $25,000 for a good radio where everything is precise, neat, clean and repeatable. This is a hobby. 5 amps is OK. :-)
Dick, K5SHT
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0 % power does not mean 0 watts. According to Icom specs, minimum power is 2 watts. Both my 7000s show 5 watts into a dummy load at 0% power setting on hf and 6M. Your 4.8 amps might be about right. Also current on receive is listed as 1.3 to 1.6 amps in the specs. 73, Jeff, NJ2F

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I could measure mine if you want and give you an idea


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> Hi all,
> I have just recently got my 7K back from icom warranty repair for
> the second time.
> The concern I had was when the RF Power was set to 0% the current
> draw from the radio on transmit was pulling about 4.8amps on HF. VHF
> & UHF was just a bit over 5.0amps?
> So I decided to call Icom and talk to the service department and
> they said that this is not right send it back to them to sort out,
> so I did.
> Well I got the 7K back today and it is still doing the same thing?
> If anyone could give me feedback with regards to their current draw
> with 0% RF Power I would expect to see about ~1.5amps if that???
> Cheers,
> vk6lmo


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