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Like Joanne said, you need to learn to appreciate "Gallows humor"... when
the spring the trap door, all you can do is enjoy the view when you are
swinging in the air... in the case of the landslides, the reality is so
unbelievable...all one is left with is a smile...

There are now 2 huge augers (60 -80') + the 150' crane across the street...

My tiny 85' tower is totally dwarfed....even though it is sitting 25' above
street level on my side of the street...

Talk about feeling inadequate....

I was over talking to the crane operator this AM.. and suggested we test it
out as an antenna platform... he told me he could extend it to 200'... Boy
do I ever want one of those...

On a positive note they seem to be sinking several 2' metal shafts into the
ground to support the foundations.... should improve my ground plane and
save me the cost of putting in more ground rods...

Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6 ex-AE6SM KY6LA
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
Formerly "Awfully Extremely Six Sado Masochist"
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Chris, it is called "Graveyard Humor". The jokes police officers,
ambulance drivers, firemen, soldiers, animal doctors, brain surgeons,
or any other "respected" segment of society tell each other privately
would drive most others right up a tree with disgust. A mortician's
response to a colleague's "Give me a hand" request might be quite odd
in the right circumstances.

Such humor is about all that keeps them relatively sane and functioning.
And it disgusts others who happen to catch it from outside. "Ya gotta
be there to appreciate it" or variants on the phrase really do make a
lot of sense.

The folks in la Jolla, and a lot of other places out here, are faced
with utterly overwhelming situations. So trying to make light of it
is about all they can do to make "keeping on" a tenable prospect. I
know that without my sense of humor about such chronic problems as I
have I'd not be able to keep going. (And I'm pleased to report my off
kilter humor has helped some similarly afflicted people in their quest
to keep going in the face of what seems like overwhelming odds. The
humor puts some perspective on the problems.)

And hoooooboy would I like one of those 150' cranes myself. "Store" it
fully extended to make it less accessible to thieves never mind all those
spidery looking things on top that just look like beams.... Yeah, that's
the ticket.

{^_^} W6MKU, when it hurts so much you want to die some good
laughter can keep you going and even make you want to
keep going. Without humor we aren't human anymore.
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What is with you people from Cali?? You all try to take advantage of
others misfortune. And to top it all off, you make light of it. I was
station in San Diego in the Navy in the 70's and people back then then
wern't a bunch of "buttheads" like they are today. Must be the polluted
getting to you all, or mavbe the fact that you are on the left coast.
I will take that offer to buy the land on the AZ/CA boarder, just might
out to be beach fornt property anyway in 5 or 6 years (LOL).

Chris KU4LV
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> Hi Howard and the Group,
> Howard wrote:
>>The irony is that the ones with the biggest damage are on safari in
>>Africa and don't know yet it has happened...
> I that case, Howard, I would try to find out when your neighbor is
> arriving and be there. I would stand a cubit's distance and greet
> neighbor. Shake his hand and thank your neighbor for your new ham
> coverage and the use of the crane which you will borrow to put up
> antenna. Closeness counts at a time like this.
> Tom
> San Diego, CA
> KE6YNH, 73

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