[IC-7000] Help on CI-V cable

Ing. Juan Carlos Parra

Dear friends,

I've been searching for the USB CI-V cable for my IC-7000 for a long time.

On the shops there are few models but I don't know which is the best device.

I saw the Maxon one and asked to the factory for a direct purchase and they only sell 50 units minimum per order. No luck for only one cable.

Can anybody suggest me a store to get it ?

Also, I discovered that while the cable price is no too high, the delivery price to my QTH (Buenos Aires Argentina) of this light (<20 grams) device is near U$S 150 by the FEDEX or UPS !!!

I can pay by AMEX or other intl credit card but I would like to find a cheaper way to get my cable.

Best regards,

73 from LU9DO (lu9do@hotmail.com)

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