Re: IC-7000 no transmit "UPDATE"

Steve Sawicki

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Hi All.
A couple weeks back I had posted this problem and sent radio back
to ICOM in Bellevue on the 21st of Aug. They called and I okay a repair
for it. Description of the repair was "Found Alignment data had been altered". Got it back Saturday and all is FB. Cost was 97.66 with shipping. What could have caused this. It was sitting in the truck overnite and next morning did not work. Thanks for all the suggestions and help but I guess this was a needed trip to the factory. Glad it wasn't serious.

Wow this is scarry.....
How old is your radio?
First thing to ask them is what " Alignment data had been altered".
If you never made any changes to the radio via the secret aligment menue we may be seeing the first look at some thing new to start worring about.

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