Re: [IC-7000] My radio just died

Jim Townsend <jwt@...>

On Sunday 30 August 2009 08:22:22 am Bret Mills wrote:
Thanks for responding, Yes I have checked to make sure that the power
supply and fuses are good in fact I changed it out and still have the same
problem. I removed the head and put it back on several times and made sure
the contacts were clean but still no joy, no relay click no lights just
dead. After it has been off the power supply for a while when I hook it
back up I get the normal little arc when I connect up the power supply so
power is making it to the Capacitors.
Did you check the fuse behind the control head? There is one under a
little square cover on the bottom right hand side of the radio. ICOM calls
it the 'circuitry fuse'.

If all the fuses are good and everything is OK mechanically, then it sounds
like the radio needs to be sent to ICOM for repair.

73 de Jim VE4CY

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