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Borrow a spectrum analyzer to see what i s going on with respect to RF being radiated from the car's electronics.
No shielded wiring on a vehicle's interconnecting cables is the normal state of affairs today . My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee emits 6M garbage when it is not running When the driver's door is opened it emits more garbage. The 6 ignition coil packs radiate too.
I seriously believe the auto makers do not want your 20 amp power cable for your HF rig running next to their wire bundles for fear of induction into their cables to screwing up some microprocessor function that disables the vehicle. They are covering their own butts.

Some shielding and bypassing on the manufacturer's part could go a long way to keeping vehicle reliability high and RF susceptibility LOW.

Ask a truck driver how noisy his diesel engine is today with all the microprocessor garbage on it. Its no wonder they need their 27 mhz amplifiers to hear each other down the road a few miles.

Try a new Corvette on HF !

I had a 1990 VW Scirocco that was absolutley quiet on HF except for a tiny bit of ignition noise.

Progress is wonderful. Welcome to the Future !

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Change the car, just for a test.

FWIW! 73 de Augusto

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I have already tried a separate battery. The noise is radiated, not
conducted. Just touching the center conductor of the coax (and I have
tried several types, including, LMR400, RG8, RG8X, RG58A/U, etc) to the
radio causes noise so bad that I can't hear anything else (but only with
the engine running).
Oh well. I appreciate all the offers, but the original question stands.
Will I have problems if I shelve the radio without power connected or do I
need to leave the radio plugged into power for the duration?
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I'm sorry that you've had such trouble with your IC-7000's installation!
A seperate power supply (in this case, a battery) might help with the
noise issue.
As for keeping your radio company, I can do that in my car. Your radio
would have lots of freinds!!
For pictures of my mobile station, go to this link:
Scott Heath (AF4KK)
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