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Steve Sawicki

I concur mobile CW in 4X is fun and interesting for sure, actualy just driving is! You said its like "playing Russian Roulette with a loaded and cocked UZI" I am sure that a good number still have them their UZI's loaded and cocked next to them while talking on the cell phones.....

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Hello All,

I have to agree with Deacon Dave that mobile CW is very much alive. I started on HF CW with my 10M Uniden HR2510 mobile until the band took a sunspot dive. I replaced the 10M rig with an IC706MKllG for all-band operation, 99% of which was HF CW, until the finals croaked not once, but twice in two years. My new IC7000 is sitting on the shack operating table, and i'll unwrap and test it one of these days prior to installing it in the family '97 Mitsubishi Super Lancer. With the HF bands still relatively stinko, i'm not breaking my neck to get it into the car.

I used a Vibrokeyer with the 706MKllG, and it performed flawlessly, for all of my HF CW ops. I would drive and twirl the bands for anything of interest, but upon finding one, I would immediately pull over and make the contact. The highways in Israel are inhabited by the worst drivers in the world, policed by the least interested and most inept Traffic Police in the world. Concentration and 1000% attention to the other motorists precludes ragchewing or yakking on a cellphone, either handheld or voice activated, while in traffic. In my view, making contacts while in motion on the highways here, and probably in most other world locations, would be like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded and cocked UZI.

Mobile HF CW is great fun, a great challenge amidst the big guns, and should be kept safe by either driving or operating, but never both simultaneously.



Joe Weisberger



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Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 07:27:14 -0400
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Oh No! Mobile CW is still alive!

In the olden days, 1950s and early 60s, one of my Elmers was a 20+ year radio op in the US Coast Guard. He operated 40 meter CW mobile all of his hammin' life. He had a Vibroplex bolted to the dash board. And could 'read' CW at 50+ wpm while doing 60 mph on the NEW Interstate Highway System [I-95 and I-90, etc.] [Gosh, I'm getting old!]

I've been known to do a little 30 meter CW while mobile, but not in motion. Also with a Vibroplex!

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I have 3 keys at my home, It is hard to operate a key mobile though,
thus the reason for not having one, Thanks for the informative comment,
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Buy a key. No ham shack should be without one.


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Subject: Re: [IC-7000] Receive fine, NO transmit Power out,
Date: Friday, 14 August, 2009, 10:11 PM

Hi Bob, RR on having no key. Both red light on the mic and rig come on
as usual.
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I assume you have no key to try CW?
Red light in MIC and on the rig not coming on?

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Hi Bob,
Yes I did, I have a dummy load here and used that just now on HF.
I only tried SSB/LSB and FM. and I double checked band edges.
I posted also that the ALC meter in way up and I tried adjusting
Mic Gain and nothing would cause ALC to go down.

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