Re: mobile install - time to give up

Steve Sawicki

If your are actually planning to shelve your7K just remember that the Warranty clock is RUNNING.
It STARTS from the DATE that you purchased your radio.
Hook up the rig and if you have to TX into a dummy load, HF, VHF/UHF do it, and not just a few times.

A good friend who decided to do some traveling around the globe after his retirement (he went traveling with a FT-817, much lighter to transport…) had his brand new 7K still sitting in the box, he only used it for about a month before he went away he was gone about 7-8 months when he got back he started to used the 7k on and off sparingly for the next 5 months .
One day he called and said the radio has no TX, we tested and sure enough no TX (sounds familiar?) any way off it went to the north left coast and he got a email, radio has blown finals and since its out of warranty if you want it repaired please pay $xxx.
Do the "shake and bake" before you to have to pony up as well.

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Will I have problems if I shelve the radio without power connected or do I
need to leave the radio plugged into power for the duration?

The answer is that you won't have any problems. No need to
have it plugged into power. I have left mine unused for periods
of 8 months or more in between DXpeditions.

73, Kurt, W6PH

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