Re: CI-V Command Listing?

Steve Sawicki

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I am more interested in having a memory editor that is reliable and easy to use. Not going to say anything about this program other than I didn't like it. What I am looking for is a modern interface that can be easily worked with either a keyboard or a mouse. I'm finding existing programs to be an exercise in frustration. I can't imagine trying to manage more then 2 frequencies with this stuff.

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This one works:
Not elegant, but it works.
I also found that RUMtrol works. It does not do well controlling the radio,
but the memory management worked for me.

73's de KA5GIL
- gil -
Actually I find CatI and RumTrol to work quite well and I swap out many memory locations quite frequently, I like the concept that this is software produced by Hams for Hams at the "right" price.

I come from the school that "cut its teeth" using DOS and a keyboard, a command line with a batch file script or two was fantastic. All of the GUI and mouse is just a PLUS.

I applaud the authors who have provided their time and efforts in support of their hobby and passion and have produced software that works, it may have its individual quirks but lets be clear the manufacturer did not make it easy (remember the IC-706???).

If you want a better "modern interface" you can attempt to write it if you have the talent if not you can always PAY and have it commercially written.

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