Re: Do our comments affect the design of the IC7000 ?

jdow <jdow@...>

Just a thought - the USB interface concept is "nice". But it is
horridly short range. There is something to be said for the ability
to have the radio on a somewhat longer tether than USB allows,
particularly the newer USB2.

A good tuner is not going to fit inside a radio as small as the 7000.
Low loss requires large components most of the time. (I start shivering
well above temperatures suited to even the highest temperature super-
conductors we have.)

The user interface aspects of the dual transceive may prove the
downfall of such a design attempt. But it "might" be nice. (Do
everything generally leaves out the "well" word. There is a time,
place, and market for it. Just be aware of the tradeoff.)

For FM running down to 9.6 volts is easy. For SSB you raise your
distortion considerably. A power supply to boost the 9.6 back to
13.8 is costly and consumes volume. It's a tradeoff. (A rig that
can run down to 9.6 volts and has many users who routinely do that
could earn the same revulsion from me I felt for the Swan 6 meter
transceiver that splattered across 6 meters instead of behaving
nicely in most instances.)

LED backlight is indeed a really good idea whose time has come,
I suspect.

DRM in the DSP may be a good idea. I have mixed opinions. For a
little thing like the 7000 I think it is a very good idea. For a
big thing like the ProIII or 7800 I believe DRM and other decoders
belong in attached computers operating off an Ethernet supplied
feed from the IF strip's I/Q "if" information after basic bandpass
filtering and such. That way a computer can provide much of the
DSP function. This allows an instant modulation mode update as the
technology base grows.

In line with that last I want the digital IF outputs "tapped" just
before the demodulation to baseband for SSB or whatnot. I also want
the digital baseband "audio". I want 'em on a nice TCP link by
command over that same TCP link. That is fitting accompaniment to
Ethernet based remote control.

{^_^} Hey, W6MKU can dream, can't she?

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correct, too late now but the mk2.

Note to Icom:

- I want digital audio IN/OUT.
- I want a complete antenna system for the car a la atas-120, or a new
AH-5 tuner that follows frequency change and tune the antenna system
without transmitting each time (from memory of previously tuned
- Software upgradable through ethernet port which is also used for
remote operation.
- Ability to receive one HF band in SSB/CW and 2m FM AT THE SAME TIME.
This is possible if the fm side of 2m/440 is just a classic non-dsp
design as there is only one IF-DSP chain.
- Please make sure that if we connect ICOM's 2.4 GHz converter, the
display corrects itself for the proper band operation (not displaying
2m frequency while in 2.4ghz mode).
- I repeat my desire for the ethernet port or a USB 2 port. Lets dump
the old control interface for the new USB 2.
- Ability to run down to 9.6V with reduced RX current and power limited
to about 5 watts with display auto-off
- Make sure you use LED backlit for the display.
- Why not put the capability to decode DRM in the DSP and be the first
Amateur equipment to do so.

I do not think there will be enough room for video out for external


On Feb 28, 2005, at 4:39 AM, Brian Mury wrote:

On Mon, 2005-28-02 at 01:13 -0800, Adam Farson wrote:
> Evidence, no. Nothing one could put a finger on. Nevertheless,
> conversations with Icom reps at various shows I have attended over
the years
> suggest that Icom keeps an eye on product-related sites (such as
> and my site) and discussion groups.

It is, however, probably too late for the IC-7000. Maybe the MK2...

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