Re: Do our comments affect the design of the IC7000 ?

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Ditto's on the ethernet instead of USB. you can run a ethernet cable
300 ft I believe vs 15 for usb.

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Since many guys have already placed their wishes for the IC-7000 (or
probably for MKII or later), I will add mine below:

My focus will be more on the interoperability features between the
IC-7000 and the computer since most other desires have already been
written by other people. OK, here they are:

* implement a sophisticated CI-V command set that allows (almost) all
functions to be controlled from the computer. As that is the case for
most modern radios like the PROIII and therefore nothing new has to be
invented, that should not a real problem. Just "copy and paste" the
PROIII's firmware code, Icom! ;-)

* document all extended commands like the extended memory read/write 1A
00, so that it is easily usable.

* allow bandscope samples to be read from the computer. The AOR
AR-8200/8600 provides a simliar feature, so it should be possible,
although the bandwidth of the serial cable is limited.

* support special characters like ö,ä,ü,ß,ó,ò,á etc. in memory names. In
Europe almost any language needs them. Icom, take a look the characters
in Windows 1252 and 1250 character set.

* report ALL changes made directly on the radio back to the computer -
currently only frequency and mode changes are reported.

* I vote for keeping the CI-V 3.5mm jack since every Icom radio has it
and therefore allows to operate them all via one bus line.

* But I also welcome an USB or ethernet jack. Ethernet would be better
since it is almost as easy to use as the serial line. USB is a bit
tricky if it is a real USB jack and not a "serial line wrapped into an
USB line" as it is the case for the IC-R20.

I think that's it for the moment. ;-)

Ralf, OE5ROP

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