Re: HM-151 status, yes it's getting old

Steve Sawicki

With such expertise and the fact that you have a stock and modified mike at hand can you write up some simple instructions for all of the 7000 users at least some can save themselves $50.
Please post it in the files section this way it would be a simple fact to direct any future questions about the "quality" of the HM-151 audio and this way we can keep the "old" stuff old.
PS: can you define your statement "The modded mic is hotter" hotter in what respect amplitude or frequency?
Many thanks for offering
Best Regards.

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Half a "lick of common sense" will enable the IC7000 operator to set TBW high/low band pass adjustments and mic gain to suit the stock mic, also using a second receiver as a monitor. This is the most practical way to set the transmit audio, sans a room full of test equipment, at work that I've access to.

I've done it, and so have numerous others on the air in voice modes that the IC7000 will transmit. Great audio from operators who are savvy to these simple things are proof that the stock mic is very usable.

I have one unmodded, and one modded mic. The modded mic is hotter.

So what?

I still hear IC7000 operators on the air with the Nagy modded mic on the HF bands that sound bad. They don't know what they are doing, they can't setup their radio properly.

Yes, this subject is getting old.

I hope someone will kill it soon.


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This debate about the HM-151 microphone is growing old.
Icom probably designed it with a certain criteria in mind
and it probably doesn't satisfy all users. That doesn't
make it a bad microphone. If you wish to modify it, that
is your choice. Many hams are tinkerers and like to
tweak things. Many share their findings. That is one
of the great things about this hobby. But let's be fair
about this HM-151 microphone. Many of us are very
satisfied with its operation.

73, Kurt, W6PH

P.S. Another FD under the belt of my IC-7000 that
I bought in Dec 2005 and it still works as well as it
did back then. No mods, no issues.

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Thanks for shareing.
Sounds like this was taken from an official answer script. I love the "We
believe that the HM-151 works as designed".
If they truly believe it then why not provide the "design criteria" that
produced the HM-151 and not just the mumbling of "cut through QRM better" and
"more treble"???
I can do a spectrum analysis of my HM-151 AB5N modified mike as well as my stock
HM-151 and I sure can see a big difference, and when it comes to cutting through
QRM the AB5N modified HM-151 beats the stock HM-151 hands down all the time.

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