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Steve Sawicki

Thanks for shareing.
Sounds like this was taken from an official answer script. I love the "We believe that the HM-151 works as designed".
If they truly believe it then why not provide the "design criteria" that produced the HM-151 and not just the mumbling of "cut through QRM better" and "more treble"???
I can do a spectrum analysis of my HM-151 AB5N modified mike as well as my stock HM-151 and I sure can see a big difference, and when it comes to cutting through QRM the AB5N modified HM-151 beats the stock HM-151 hands down all the time.

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All IC-7000 owners............. Icom's answer to the handmike "issue"

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HM-151 status. From ICOM.From: amateur@...: cosmetis@...: ICOM Technical Support Ticket # 831G124487Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 08:48:30 -0800Good Morning.......Thanks for your e-mail.We believe that the HM-151 works as designed. Normally, all of the mics produce more treble than base so that the signal will cut through QRM better than with more bass. We don't discourage the microphone modification, it's just that when the mic is modified, it will void the warranty on it.Best Regards;Mike HiltonTechnical Support RepresentativeICOM America, Inc.2380 116th Ave. NEBellevue, WA 98004Ph. (425) 454-7619Fax (425) 637-8417GEORGE COSMETIScosmetis@... EMAIL SUBJECT: Request from Icom America Website: AmateurBODY: There seems to be a lot of IC-7000 owners that feel the HM-151 hand mike that comes with the rig does not perform as well as it should. They have the mike modified by AB5N and claim a measurable improvment. Any coments from ICOM? TNX for reply. WA3CCI__________________________________________________________Shed those extra pounds with MSN and The Biggest Loser![Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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