Re: 70mhz available on the 7000?

Adam Farson

Hi Best (or should I call you MKM or mab?)

Actually, my good friend Matt KK5DR and I claim bragging rights for
predicting a radio quite similar to the IC-756Pro3 as far back as mid-2003.
We even came up with a hypothetical "precursor" to the IC-7800 which was
not to far off the actual product.

Cheers for now, 73,

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From: MKM []
Sent: 28 February 2005 15:16
Subject: Re: [ic7000] RE: 70mhz available on the 7000?

I think just few people at retail level know about it...not a buddy type at
HRO. I think senior level management or such will know.

We just wait and see. The 706 is an old but good radio. I got mine from the
first shipment back in the 90s. It is just time for a replacement.

Furthermore, looking at the R&D of Icom, they are done with the ultimate
rig, the 7800, they are done with the replacement for the 756pro series, one
should ask what they were designing next and that will be a mobile radio to
replace the 706mk2g.

Also, keep in mind that nobody saw the Pro3 coming....the pro2 is still on
sale. So anything is possible.


On Feb 28, 2005, at 5:55 PM, Marty wrote:.
For what it's worth (not much in my opinion) I was just reading the
mail and heard a ham say he called his buddy at HRO today to ask if
the price of the 706MkIIg had gone up (it had). When he said "Is the
rumor true", his buddy thought he was asking about the IC-7000 and
said all the rumors about it coming out were false. Like I said, for
what it's worth.


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From: Erik Schmidt []
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 4:30 PM
Subject: [ic7000] RE: 70mhz available on the 7000?

Hate to disappoint you guys, MWE has the information from here or
rather Adam's site.

(I know because I supplied the information via an other ham to him)

Erik - OZ1ES

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