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Steve Sawicki

The answer is simple: because you can.
In reality the 12 volt powered digital converter is a bit smaller then the 7k.
In my home setup I use a 7 inch LCD monitor (got it as a second monitor with a 7 inch DVD player both for $75) with my home 7k way easier on the eyes.
It will surprise you how far the converters modulator will reach with a long paper clip for an antenna.
If I want to be fancy I can switch from the 7k's video output to the converter makes for nice viewing if the bands are down.,
Actually this makes for a very nice EMERGENCY OTR TV viewer and I did not have to spend an additional $110 for a battery powered HDTV, since as you pointed out all of my ANALOG battery powered LCD emergency televisions will be obsolete.
Have a good day.

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Why???? In a few weeks, all analog TV will be shut down. If you want to carry around a converter that is half or the same size of the 7000, then you can put the 7000 on ch. 4 and do the tuning with the converter.

Leanne W1WXS

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Hello group, i was wondering if we can get more tv channels than 2-14 would be nice thanks thomas

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