Re: got mine at Dayton too! BUT!

Steve Sawicki

Unfortunately 2-14 is it for the 7K; being inventive I used one of my $40 coupons to pick up a HDTV converter that works of 12V it has a selectable channel 3-4 RF modulator and video outputs I have it mounted in my portable "shack" shelf setup and if need be it can be powered off my two 150 Amp deep discharge batteries.
The modulator (with a test antenna) works well up to about 50 feet, and the new "digital" video is stupendous, unfortunately the converters remote (IR) will only work up to about 15 feet.
Keep in mind that many older VHS/DVD players have RF modulators as well, waste not wont not…...

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NTSC OTA broadcasts are supposed to stop on June 12,2009 anyway.

Ken Lea
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Hello group, i was wondering if we can get more tv channels than 2-14 would be nice thanks thomas
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Hi, Tim -

I upgraded from a FT-897 to the IC-7000, and noticed the same

difference. Never looked back.

Regarding FM TX audio -- the 7000 has a surprising quirk. The

*receive* filter setting actually controls FM transmit deviation. Make

sure your receive filter is set to the wide one (filter 1) and see if

that makes a difference.

Enjoy the new radio!


-Ed- AB8OJ

On May 18, 2009, at 5:10 AM, wd8tim1 wrote:

this is a great rig! i also have a FT-857D and what a difference!
nothing wrong with the Yaesu, but you get what you pay for. any way
the 7000 is flawless nd 440 FM, the TX audio is very low toned, i am
using a new Heil ICM and even the stock hand mic sounds very muddy
on FM only, i played with the 3 band widths with no luck, its kinda
strange there is no mic EQ settings on FM, or am i missing
something? the only way i can clean it up is to use a W2IHY 2 band
EQ and then it sounds great! am i missing somethig on FM? any input
woulg be great.. thanks in advance

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