Re: Extending front panel separation cable

Steve Sawicki

FYI: Had a 11 foot dasiy chained to a 16 foot and it worked for a weekend setup at a hotel, radio, psw and AH-4 in a roof shelter control head in the penthouse balcony.
It took a bit of work to do the daisy chain but I now have a "adapter" and I will use it again this year since I have the the use of the penthouse in september.

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On 05/12/09 06:07 pm John Metzler wrote:

I'd like to place the front panel in my kitchen while keeping the chassis in
the basement. (Before you ask, wife is ok with it!) I know ICOM
sells two front panel separation cable's: one is 11 ft long and the other is
16 ft long. Has anyone tried to create their own cable to extend this
distance even further? I've looked throughout the manual and can't find any
spec's on distance limitations for the separation cable.
How long do you need? I recall that at least one user reported that two
of the separation cables daisy-chained together worked.


Alan NV8A

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