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Steve Sawicki

Good afternoon Adam,
Oh goodness' December 1963, I can easily understand if my memory serves me the #19 set had dismal AM capabilities now if they only have used a pair of 1625.
In reference to your "Kilowatts from Heaven", your learned lecturer was technically correct. It just makes me wonder with the dismal AM audio capabilities of the 7k and knowing that the AM aficionados love their Audio why did Icom even bother putting in the AM mode when as you say they can get "Kilowatts from Heaven" in SSB.

Best Regard.

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Hi Steve,

Well, I cannot speak from on-air experience. My amateur AM career ended in
December 1963, never to resume.

Mobile HF AM operation does not make too much sense in my view, not when SSB
does the job 9 dB better in half the bandwidth. Our Elec Comms lecturer at
the Uni termed this "Kilowatts from Heaven".

Cheers for now, 73,

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Good Afternoon Adam,
Yes its "hardcoded" in the firmware....
Sorry to say it but after taking the radios (1) 756Pro and (2) the IC-7000
to the lab it is NOT possible to do it on the 7k, cheesy cell phone codec
You can get better "sounding" performance using Bob's modified mike as it
provides a bit more "drive" and it uses a better element (did a sweep of the
stock and his (no point in using the comp with his) the stock is dismal....
The best is using the ACC input.
But lets face it this is a mobile and can you imagine all of the "escaped
smoke" problems if you used it full throttle on AM, you would never have any

Best regards.

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