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Steve Sawicki

Good Afternoon Adam,
Yes its "hardcoded" in the firmware....
Sorry to say it but after taking the radios (1) 756Pro and (2) the IC-7000 to the lab it is NOT possible to do it on the 7k, cheesy cell phone codec used.
You can get better "sounding" performance using Bob's modified mike as it provides a bit more "drive" and it uses a better element (did a sweep of the stock and his (no point in using the comp with his) the stock is dismal....
The best is using the ACC input.
But lets face it this is a mobile and can you imagine all of the "escaped smoke" problems if you used it full throttle on AM, you would never have any peace.......

Best regards.

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Sorry, no mod. AM modulation in these radios is a DSP process, hard-coded in

I have been able to obtain 90% modulation with a 1 kHz test tone on the
IC-756Pro3, IC-7200 and IC-7600 (at 25W resting carrier). It should be
possible on the IC-7000, as the modulation scheme is the same. The -6 dB AF
response will be 300 - 2700 Hz or thereabouts.

Cheers for now, 73,

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I does so good on SSB it seems that the AM would be at lessed ok.
I hoping the mod will come soon

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