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Steve Sawicki

Good Afternoon Bo,
We have tested the $165 TGE unit about 8 months ago and recently the $139 MFJ-4416B as we where experiencing some power output degradation with some of our solar/battery powered repeaters.
Performance for the two units in our opinion is "neck to neck".
After examination of the operational circuitry they are very similar in design.
The test period was two weeks with each unit of operation with the heaviest operations at night, yes our repeatersare quite busy at night... The sites are normally solar charged as we have plenty of sunshine.
In the long run it was our determination to add additional "deep discharge" battery capacity as we did not find the booster efficiency to be that good in the long run.
The two Deep discharge batteries only cost us $145 per site and they provided the needed capacity to prevent voltage sag.

I did test TGE unit on my mobile (Ford Explorer) equipped with a 7K and it did help with maintaining output when the alternator was off.

In general prolonged high current draw it is not that good to your vehicles battery, as a better and long term solution I had the shop install a second high capacity battery since the Exploder had a tray for it in place and that is used for the "radios", sure helps in starting next morning situation.

Nice devices but in my opinion a bit pricy to the users of the 7K this to correct a strange design problem in a "mobile" radio, I run Moto and KnW at 100 W and never had "voltage dip" problems like the 7k......

I hope this helps.

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I agree. I own also a TGElectronics one, the Marine Booster type, and it is
worth every cent.
But on the other side, one has to pay good attention to the batteries, it is
better not to run them until the booster switch automatically off ; car type
batteries accept strong load surges and strong reloads, but do not love it
seems to be fully discharged too much times .... In my opinion , a battery
digital voltmeter directly on the battery terminals helps .
Best regards, 73 de Augusto hb9tza / 9h3jr / i2jjr

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Hi -- this does not directly answer your question, but ...

I have been using the N8XJK battery booster
( and am very pleased with
it. I am able to get a full 100 watts out of the 7000. I didn't measure
actual voltage at the IC7000 end of the power lead, but unloaded, the
booster was putting out 14.1 volts.

In my opinion, battery operation of this radio really needs the booster.

-Ed- AB8OJ

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Have any of you used the MFJ-4416B super battery booster ( ) with your IC-
I am thinking about getting one.


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