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When hit the power and it just does the clicking sound and nothing. No startup screen, no other sounds, this phenomenon may can caused by some of contact pins/terminal between the front panel and main body with a poor contact.

To verify if the problem is caused by these contact pins/terminals (with a poor contact), you can move out the DC power then detach the front panel from the main body and using a cotton swab with a little clean solution to clean both of the pins and terminals on the front panel and the main body.

Hope the a above information can bring you with some help.


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I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find out what was wrong?

My 7000 started doing this after very mild use, maybe 50 hours. The unit experienced no trauma, water drops, extreme temps, etc. The odd thing is the problem simulates a totally dead radio, but then at times will surprisingly work just fine for no apparant reason.

Ex: Saturday 4/18/09 I got motivated to solve the problem, thinking the the culprit was just a bad ground or bad/insufficent wiring. I rewired the entire rig taking my time to ensure proper power delivery. I hooked it all up and as I expected the radio started up and worked fine. I received and transmitted for 3 minutes with a big ole smile on my mug and turned it off to pack the tools away and get cleaned up.

Not 10 minutes later I try it again and its back to not working. Hit the power and it just does the clicking sound and nothing. No startup screen, no other sounds. I then try everything I know to eliminate the possibility that power is not being delivered. I took radio out and "hard wired" it another vehicle straight to the battery. No extra wires or connections. Just radio to factory wire harness to battery. Still same problem. Have checked wire harness with multimeter and it seems good.

My guess is a bad power connection somewhere inside the radio. The movement of the radio during my re-wiring of the truck may have been enough temporarily allow for power delivery. It cant be fuses as it works fine at times. It cant be antenna or load related as it never starts up to even have a problem with receive or transmit. It has to be some random force causing a power disconnect. I dont think it is a temparature problem either as it just wont start up to get hot enough to be too hot, if you know what I mean.

Can anyone give me a clue? Is there a known circuit board problem where power connecter plug meets circuit board? I am off to AES tomarrow where I bought it as a first step. It is past the 1 yr warranty. I will post more as I learn more.


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i have an IC 7000 mounted in an 18 wheeler
took it out for some time off went to re-install no power
when pushing power button i hear a clicking in the back of the radio
i have checked all 3 fuses they are good
pulled radio out hooked up IC 706mkiie same power source same ant
radio works fine
is it something simple i don't want to waste the time sending it to
bellvue WA

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