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Jim Farley, KG4FXV

Your stated use of 10 gauge cable makes me think that perhaps you are getting too much voltage drop. In the late 1970's and 1980's when I was a local Civil Defense/Emergency Management Director, I ran two GE 100 watt 8 channel radios (one low band VHF and one high band VHF, Public Safety). These may have pulled a little more current than the IC7000's 22 amps full power as they were using tube finals, but they came equipped from the factory with a red power cable and a black power cable, each being at least a 6 gauge stranded and possibly a 4 gauge stranded. Check your input voltage at full power and see if it falls within the IC7000 specs of 13.8 vdc +/- 15%. Remember, both cables go directly to the battery and both are fused. I mounted my fuse blocks (all four of them) in the engine compartment near the battery. I used a second battery and a battery isolator to handle my radios and emergency lights/siren.


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Sorry if this has been covered before but I need some advice.

I am trying to use my 7k mobile with a turbo tuner and tar heel but am running into problems when tx at 100 watts.

1) When at idle or even at speed my dash gauges will start to turn off when I key up.

2) The radio will turn off when I key up.

My guess is that I am loading down the battery. I am using 10 ga directly from the battery and have also tried a 65 ah fully charged standalone battery. All rigged with powerpoles, with and without a rigrunner.

The problem goes away when I lower the tx power to about 55 watts. I am driving a 2003 chevy silverado hd 4wd quad cab long bed and the antenna is mounted to the 2" hitch receiver.

I have seen previous posts talking about how the 7k does not like less than 13.6 v.

This does not happen when inside off a power supply. I have not tried the radio on my emergency battery but suspect I would see the same results.

I have not yet bonded the vehicle but that is on my list.

I bought the radio at hamcation in orlando in feb and I remember using it most of the way back to atlanta with few problems.

Any suggestions?
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