Understanding the IC-7000 power specs in the instruction manual.

Jim Townsend <jwt@...>

Every time I come across this, I scratch my head.

The text below is taken directly from the U.S. IC-7000 instruction
manual (page 148)

What is the significance of the '2-' and '1-' before the specified
powers? For example we know that the rig is supposed to deliver
100 Watts on HF and 6 meters, but what does 2-100 W mean?

Output power:

2–100 W (1.8–50 MHz bands)
2–50 W (144 MHz band)
2–35 W (430 MHz band)

1–40 W (1.8–50 MHz bands)
2–20 W (144 MHz band)
2–14 W (430 MHz band

73 de Jim VE4CY

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