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Ron LeVine <levine.ron@...>

A price would be nice...


John Chabalko wrote:

I have an Icom IC-7000 radio setup that i bought over the course of the last 18 months or so that i've decided to sell. Regrettably i haven't really ever been able to use it for what i wanted to (HF) as my apartment living situation has proven too difficult.

Pictures here: <>

It's left my house only once in a padded case and is generally in like new condition. I've used it for about an hour a week for the last year on the local 2m nets at 5% power. It's in perfect operating condition. I've never once had a problem with it.

If you add a power-supply and antenna this should be everything you need to get on the air and start DX'ing. (computer control of the radio, external XLR mic capability, PTT switch, Z11 Auto tuner autotuner)

I've added "condition" ratings next to each item. On a scale of 1-10 how the equipment looks/functions. 10 would be mint condition, right out of the box. All cables are marked 8 on this scale just because they've been wrapped and sitting behind the radio for a year or so.

Everything works perfectly. This setup should provide many years of service

I'd like to sell it as a bundle - it's a good kit that'll get someone on the air right away, granted if you're looking for an IC-7000 for mobile use some of these extras probably won't appeal to you too much...

(looks like i forgot to take a picture of the C-IV cable, i'll try to get one up shortly - it's simply an 1/8" mono (TS) -> DB-9, well made - about 3' in length)

Here's a list of all of the parts:
- IC-7000 Radio in factory box with instructions (S/N: 05076xx) and included accessories (HM-151 handset mic) (Condition 9)
- 2x IC-7000 Power cable with soldered Anderson PowerPoles (Original plus extra)
- Handle kit is installed on the radio (MB-106) (Condition: 9)
- 3rd party CI-V cable. I used HRD to control the radio, works perfectly
- LDG Z11 Pro Autotuner w/ icom cable (bought new, used only a couple of times, Condition: 10)
- Heil 8pin -> XLR+PTT for Icom (I used a Shure SM58 and got great sound), any good mic should work well.
- Heil Handswitch for PTT (Condition:9)
- RJ-45 -> 8 pin heil adapter for XLR mic

Please email me directly for additional details/questions if you're interested


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