Re: IC7000 Receive Sensitivity

Steve Sawicki

--- In, Jim <n1jmm1@...> wrote:
I bet they cost a weeee bit more than the 7000 did... ( list to
list price that is.)

Some other hams mentioned that the IC706 hears much better also,
which is basically the radio the 7000 replaces, so size and price are
not the only difference here.

I suspect it has something to do with the implementation of
relatively new digital processing technology in this small package
while trying to meet price points and delivery dates.

The reason I asked the ? to begin with was because I wanted to know
if I had a problem with my radio or if this was 'normal' for this
radio since I don't have any calibrated rf generators to check the
sensitivity with.
No point sending it back to Icom if this is normal.

No point in sending it back until the magic smoke escapes.
I can confirm that my 706MKIIg using the same antennas hears low
level signals better then my IC-7000, the 706MKIIg has two filters
and the "audio" level DSP and will not handle some situations as
well as the 7K with its digital chain but when it comes to hearing
the weak ones its "noisier" but hears the weak ones better.
I performed the tests (using two different 7K's) just to confirm, for
myself, that this was not some variant in my compromised antenna
situation (downsized "Florida" QTH) I
took out my 756Pro from storage and hooked it up to the QTH AH4
antenna setup for comparisons the grading is:
(1) 756Pro (2) 706MKIIg (3) IC-7000.
Yes I know 756Pro Vs IC-7000 is not fair….. but the 706MKIIg was…..
I have a 746 but it is not in the states so no comparison to that
analog variant but when I go over to SP land in the spring I will
bring the second 7K and test it out on a descent antenna farm.
Cut a new deal with the XYL (she gave me a little more space in
the "office" area) and I will be changing out back to the 756Pro, now
I have to program up the dual bander for VHF/UHF coverage.
In my mobile setup using a HS-1500 the 706 and the 7K sound neck and
neck with the 7K having the edge in "noise" handling ability, looks
like the 7K will now be totally mobile.
Best regards.

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