High Sierra Antennas and the IC-7000.

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I have been anxiously waiting for a new Icom Mobile. Every year at Dayton I asked the same question, and they say NO.
I own three 706MKIIg's. I have one in each vehicle, and a spare in the closet for field day, etc.

I exchanged a few emails with High Sierra today to confirm that there I-Box Controller will still plug into the new IC-7000.
Jim must have known about the radio or talked to Icom because he said it would work with no problems.
The IC-7000 has the same plug on the rear as the 706 Series. So there looks to be some compatibility.

I know he sells his antenna's all over the world, so I was glad to here that my 1800/Pro and Sidekick will work with no problems.
I am sure I will get one of these new radio's when they are available.
My big wish is they increased the output power?

I guess we will see it under the glass at Dayton 2005.

Keith, K4KAL

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