Important Notice About IBController


I’ve been the principal developer, maintainer and supporter for IBController for about 13 years now, and I believe that IBController users are reasonably happy with my work.


But I’ve now decided that I’ll be taking no further part in the future development or support of the existing IBController. My reasons for taking this decision are outlined later in this announcement.


I realise that this may sound like bad news for users, so rather than leave you all in the lurch, I’ve forked IBController to create a new project called IBC. I will maintain, further develop, and support IBC as necessary in the future. You can find this new project at As always, it will be fully open source, free, and licensed under the GPL v 3.


How does this affect you?


This gives you a choice:


  • You are welcome to use the new IBC in the knowledge that I will look after it with the same level of commitment as I always have in the past


  • Alternatively you can stick with the IBController you are currently using. What happens with that in future is out of my hands.


You don’t have to make up your mind about this immediately: if your current IBController setup is working well, there is no particular reason to switch.


The first release of IBC is available now via the link given above. This is designated IBC release 3.6.0: it builds on IBController 3.4.0, but incorporates all the changes that have accumulated since then, but have not been officially released for IBController. IBC 3.6.0 also includes some new changes and enhancements that are specific to IBC.


There are a number of differences between IBC and IBController that you need to be aware of, and they are detailed in the IBC User Guide.


For the time being, if you have any IBC-related queries , observations or comments, you should continue to post them to the IBController User Group via the website or email, or to the IBC GitHub page.


Please don’t use the IBController GitHub page for anything related to IBC.


In the near future the IBController User Group will be renamed as the IBC User Group, and will serve the same function for IBC as it did for IBController. I’ll send out more information about this in due course.


How did we get here?


Now let me explain why this situation has arisen.


In June 2016 I announced that I was handing over responsibility for IBController to a commercial company, on the understanding that they would provide development, maintenance, and support effort to continue the project (see here for the announcement). I transferred ownership of the project’s GitHub repository shortly afterwards.


The optimism I expressed in that announcement was premature, and in reality all the further development and support of IBController since then has been down to the efforts of myself and a small number of users, but there has been nothing significant from that company.


In January 2018 I asked the company to return ownership of the project to me, as it was clear that I would have to continue my past role indefinitely. My request was refused.


So I reluctantly decided to abandon the original IBController, to which I will make no further contributions in terms of either development or support, and forked the new IBC project fully under my control.




If you have any queries or concerns regarding this announcement, feel free to express them on the IBController Users Group.



Richard King




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