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This group relates to IBC, the open source program that automates login to Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation and Gateway, and its predecessor IBController.


Please use this group to discuss any topic relating to IBC or IBController. Note that nearly all the problems users have with IBC and IBController are due to misconfiguration, so if you can't make it work it's best to post here first. However if you're fairly sure that there's a fault in IBC or IBController, please raise an issue on GitHub and provide as much evidence as you can. For problems posted both here and on GitHub, the IBC logfile is usually an invaluable source of evidence, so please consider attaching it to your post (but don't quote it inline!).

If you are an IBController User, you should consider switching to IBC. The reasons for this are explained here. If you post here, you will receive the same level of support as IBC users, though you may be reminded to consider switching to IBC. If you report a problem with IBController that needs fixing, it will be fixed in IBC (if relevant), but to get IBController fixed you’ll have to report the issue to the GitHub repository for IBController, and wait for someone there to do something about it.

This Group will also be the primary means of announcing new releases of IBC, so if you are subscribed here you don't also need to be registered with GitHub..


The release files and source code for IBC are hosted on GitHub here.

New members please note that your posts will be moderated until we know that you are genuine. It may take a while for them to appear, because a moderator may not be immediately available. So please be patient, and don't repeat a post because it hasn't appeared yet.


We have a zero-tolerance approach to spam.  Any member who posts a message promoting any product or service is liable to be banned without warning: however the following relaxations of this rule apply:

  • You may refer to products or services that have a direct relevance to assisting with another member's post: if so you should explain why you think the product or service may be helpful.
  • If you are the developer or vendor of a product related to the topic of this Group that might be useful to members, you may include a link to its website in your signature. However you must not post messages carrying this signature that do not directly relate to the topic of this Group



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