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IAFS is an emerging free school community, self-organizing along the principles of democracy, mutual aid, and mutual benefit to foster art and learning through the aftermath of SFAI's rupture, the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, crises in higher education and climate change, and in solidarity with worldwide movements for racial and economic justice.

Statement of Pedagogy: At IAFS we undertake teaching and learning as a free exchange of mutual aid and benefit in order to develop the expressive skills, critical engagement, and artistic practices of our community members and our community itself.


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This is an electronic mailing list/discussion board for those who have expressed interest in the development of a virtual free school, currently working under the umbrella of IAFS. The abbreviation IAFS doesn’t yet have a meaning. It started simply as the reversal of SFAI from which we emerged. What IAFS stands for will be determined in the making of our free school.
Independent Art Friend Ship...Infinite Art Free School...Independent Art Friends Society...Impossible Art Free School...Independent Art Fueled Society...Free School of the Arts Imagined… Integral, Indispensable, International, Inescapable, Ice-cold, Indomitable, Intelligent, Interstellar, Interplanetary, Iridescent, Irresistible, Indeterminate… Absolutely...Almost...Always...Awesome..

We'll be using this space to share ideas and organize resources to sustain and grow SFAI/IAFS's community of artists and scholars.

Please, let's be kind in our communication here.

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