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This forum deals with whatever one may understand of a "hypercomplex number" or algebra. The group's vision may be to find the widest possible understanding of number and associated arithmetic. Speculations and ideas are most welcome here, even if they may at the beginning not be clearly defined or might not work initially; we will be attempting to look at them and see over time whether a certain speculation or idea works or not.

Anyone can read entries (and view uploaded files), but you need to be authenticated in order to post yourself (and upload files). Any serious post is welcome.

As of 15 December 2020, this group continues the "hypercomplex" Yahoo group. For an archive of the group's previous two incarnations, including files, see e.g. here. For my personal reason to keep this alive, see this group's kickoff message. While nothing is forever, including this group, I'll make my best effort to preserve all the messages and files here in case we've got to move on.

Cover image (source) after J. A. Shuster and J. Koeplinger, "Elliptic complex numbers with dual multiplication", Appl. Math. Comput. 216 (2010), pp. 3497-3514 (personal version).


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