New book: "Humour in the Beginning"

Lina Molokotos-Liederman

Hi all,

I wanted to bring to your attention the following book that has just been published:

Humour in the Beginning: Religion, humour and laughter in formative stages of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, edited by Roald Dijkstra (KU Leuven) and Paul van der Velde (Radboud University), John Benjamins, 2022.

It's an edited collection bringing together 4 theoretical chapters and 14 multidisciplinary essays on the role of humour in the early stages of Christianity, (late-antique) Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, followed by a Conclusion. 

For more info please go to:

In addition to scholars and researchers, the volume will also be of interest to university libraries and to students, and
 will undoubtedly generate more interest inthe multifaceted intersections between humour and religion.

All best regards,
Lina Molokotos-Liederman