Sighting - ORF ZiB 13:00 on 2022-02-15


I just saw a familiar look in a news blip on the Austrian Public TV station ORF 2, as the backdrop to a narration that cyber crime has picked up since the pandemic.

Aparently, a couple tmux panes with the Matix screen saver, a "cat" of some binary, are great to woo-woo mere mortals about this "computer stuff", especially when you put a cherry on "htop".  

Not sure if this link is geo-locked, and it will go away in some 4 days from now:

I wonder if this might be stock footage somewhere, tagged as "cyber", "crime" or both. Let's see if it reappers elsewhere. Whenever I spot htop somewhere (not always with a chance to screenshoot it), there always seems to be a couple of apache and mysql running. Or maybe a nginx every now and then.