htop 3.2.2 released

Nathan Scott

What's new in version 3.2.2

* CPUMeter now can show frequency in text mode
* Add option to render distribution path prefixes shadowed
* DiskIOMeter converts to bytes per second (not per interval)
* DiskIOMeter uses complete units, including missing "iB/s"
* DiskIOMeter indicates read and write in meter mode
* NetworkIOMeter converts to packets per second, shows packet rate
* Allow continued process following when changing display settings
* Update the panel header when changing to another tab
* Drop margin around the header if there are no meters
* Use Unicode replacement character for non-printable characters
* Default color preset uses bold blue for better visibility
* Update the Panel header on sort order inversions ('I')
* Toggle the header meters with pound key
* Fix ScreenPanel to handle quitting the panel while renaming
* Add fallback for HOME environment variable using passwd database
* Replace meaningless ID column with FD column in lock screen
* Use device format in the lock screen matching the files screen
* On Linux, improvements to file-descriptor lock detection
* On Linux, further distinguish systemd states in the SystemdMeter
* On Linux, improvements to cgroup and container identification
* On Linux, support openat(2) without readlinkat(2) platforms
* On Darwin, fix current process buffer handling for busy systems
* On DragonFly BSD, fix incorrect processor time of processes
* On FreeBSD, fix an issue with the memory graph not showing correctly
* On FreeBSD, add support for displaying shared memory usage
* On PCP, use pmLookupDescs(3) if available for efficiency
* On PCP, normalize generic columns values for consistent display
* On PCP, changes preparing for configurable, dynamic screens
* Handle invalid process columns from the configuration file
* Avoid undefined behaviour with deeply nested processes
* Fix crash when removing the currently active screen
* Prevent possible crash on a very early error path
* Include automake for Debian/Ubuntu
* Restore non-mouse support
* Reject unsupported command line arguments
* Document idle process state
* Clarify M_TRS/M_DRS columns