htop-3.2.1 released

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

We've created a bug fix htop-3.2.1 release today, you can find it here:

What's new in version 3.2.1?

* Fix setting to show all branches collapsed by default
* Restore functionality of stripExeFromCmdline setting
* Fix some command line display settings not being honored without restart
* Display single digit precision for CPU% greater than 99.9%
* On Linux, FreeBSD and PCP consider only shrinkable ZFS ARC as cache
* On Linux, increase field width of CPUD% and SWAPD% columns
* Colorize process state characters in help screen
* Use mousemask(3X) to enable and disable mouse control
* Fix heap buffer overflow in Vector_compact
* On Solaris, fix a process time scaling error
* On Solaris, fix the build
* On NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris ensure env buffer size is sufficient
* On Linux, resolve processes exiting interfering with sampling
* Fix ProcessList quadratic removal when scanning processes
* Under LXC, limit CPU count to that given by /proc/cpuinfo
* Improve container detection for LXC
* Some minor documentation fixes