htop 3.2.0 released!

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

We tagged and released htop-3.2.0 into the wild today - enjoy!

This is the first release with Hisham's 'UI Tabs' feature - recently resurrected by software archaeologists.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

What's new in version 3.2.0?

* Support for displaying multiple tabs in the user interface
* Allow multiple filter and search terms (logical OR, separate by "|")
* Set correct default sorting direction (defaultSortDesc)
* Improve performance for process lookup and update
* Rework the IOMeters initial display
* Removed duplicate sections on COMM and EXE
* Highlight process UNINTERRUPTIBLE_WAIT state (D)
* Show only integer value when CPU% more than 99.9%
* Handle rounding ambiguity between 99.9 and 100.0%
* No longer leaves empty the last column in header
* Fix header layout and meters reset if a header column is empty
* Fix PID and UID column widths off-by-one error
* On Linux, read generic sysfs batteries
* On Linux, do not collect LRS per thread (it is process-wide)
* On Linux, dynamically adjust the SECATTR and CGROUP column widths
* On Linux, fix a crash in LXD
* On FreeBSD, add support for showing process emulation
* On Darwin, lazily set process TTY name
* Always set SIGCHLD to default handling
* Avoid zombie processes on signal races
* Ensure last line is cleared when SIGINT is received
* Instead of SIGTERM, pre-select the last sent signal
* Internal Hashtable performance and sizing improvements
* Add heuristics for guessing LXC or Docker from /proc/1/mounts
* Force elapsed time display to zero if process started in the future
* Avoid extremely large year values when printing time
* Fix division by zero when calculating IO rates
* Fix out of boundary writes in XUtils
* Fix custom thread name display issue
* Support libunwind of LLVM